Soul Search

Soul Search is a program that uses cameras and people all over the world to in order to find a person within minutes. The only new technology is ability to preform real time facial recognition.  As a result, Soul search is more of a new technology in the sense that it is a combination of existing technologies, coupled with crowd sourcing, which can locate people in a way which has never really existed anymore. This program would drastically reduce both crime and the time it takes to track down criminals. It would reduce crime by acting as deterrent due to the implication that any criminal can be found at any time.

When Soul Search is introduced, it is first demonstrated to the audience by hunting down a murderer,  Fiona Highbridge,  in under 10 minutes. After the woman was found, civilians rushed as a pack of wild animals to surround her. The woman was then arrested by authorities nearby that were also watching.

In this case soul search was shown to work properly allowing the police to arrest the fugitive unharmed.

Unfortunately, not all cases ended on a good note. For the second demonstration of Soul Search, Mae wants to show the audience how it can be used to find lost loved ones or old friends. Mae then proceeds to ask the audience for recommendations of who they should find. The audience begins to chant “Mercer”, whom Mae does not wish to find. Reluctantly, she begins the search, clearly informing the audience that Mercer is a friend not a fugitive and should not be harmed.

Again, Civilians rushed to find him. They find him inside his home. As he refuses to leave his home, soul searcher continue to arrive and pound on his doors and windows. He flees the house and gets in his truck. The soul searchers follow close behind while he makes a daring escape down the mountain road. As Mercer begins crossing a bridge off the mountain, a drone appears in front of him. Mercer quickly swerves to avoid a collusion and crashes through the guardrail to his death.

In this case soul search, was not shown to have properly and represents the problem with this form of integration in it’s infancy. Soul Search was being used for the first time and therefore, was a relatively unknown process. This resulted in an overzealous crowd, who would relentlessly hunt the person requested, in combination with an unsuspecting innocent person. As a result the crowd took things too far and Mercer stopped acting rationally, but instead as though his life was act risk. If soul search could become common practice, then the zealotry of onlookers would diminish with it’s novelty, in conjunction with the event of people being searched for becoming common place. Both of these changes occurring, would reduce the risk to the public and the person being searched for.




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