Errors, Failures, and Risks

During her broadcasting, it accidentally record Mae’s parents having sex

People can be totally transparent, but things like going bathroom should be well protected. However, sometimes, people might forget to turn off the cameras and cause embarrassment. A better system could be invent to auto detecting what people are doing and turn itself off when its recording people in bathroom etc.

Using soul search on Mercer and it kills him

When everyone looking for Mercer, he was overreacting and accidentally drive the car off the bridge. When everyone becomes transparent, some individual might don’t like this. They don’t want other’s attention. However, once everyone is transparent, massive of information will be posted, general public will put their attention on those important people what they are interested not people like Mercer. Without Mae’s presentation, he will never get world’s attention.

In this movie, this technology is shown as perfect and flawlessly. We mainly shows the errors, failures, and risks in the human computer interaction aspect. However, in real world, a perfect system never exists. There always some way that can be improved and some vulnerabilities that cause system not reliable as shown.


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