Combining different sets of information together into one circle account

When Mae said she want all the people have to vote through the circle account and all the data are bond to circle account, its basically taking government position. Once this plan is actualized, most people working for government agencies will lose job. There will  be no need to have a physically place provided for people to vote. Information collection jobs will also disappear.


This company tried to combine all kinds of information into one data base, so it will beat all the other data base companies, and data mining companies. Because too many features are implemented into one camera, all other camera companies will have no market space and will bankrupt. Just like what happened to Eastman Kodak Company.[1] When digital camera invented, it completely beats those cameras with photographic plate. The whole photographic plate industry gone because of digital camera.

In the movie, all the companies involved in camera production, data collection, data mining, etc, will be badly effected and most of them will bankrupt. All the jobs in these companies will disappear.

[1]: “Kodak ditches digital camera business”. CNN. February 9, 2012.



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