Meeting Minutes

9/10/17- 2 hours 

On this day, we all got together to figure out what we need to do with the movie, we gave each other time to watch the movie and record some notes about it.

9/26 – 1 hours

We got together to at least start the presentation and figure out which topics were in the movie.

9/28 – 4 hours

We got together to watch the movie and draw a technological timeline. After, we focused on finishing our presentation. Later that nite, we started to work on getting the site up and running with notes we took from the movie. We had to leave some stuff for the next day since it was already 1 am. Jenn sent the presentation to the prof and Evan in order for us to get feedback on it.

9/29- 3 hours

We got together to finish the site, we all contributed to the site to the topics that we needed to get done.