Movie Details

Plot Summary:

  • Mae gets hired at world’s largest and most powerful tech and social media company, The Circle.
  • Small real-time cameras are put everywhere around the word and all information is analyzed and saved by the company.
  • The company gathers all sorts of information about her, including her social activities and her parent’s medical record.
  • At first, Mae was grateful since they insured her dad who has Multiple Sclerosis.
  • The company rates their employee with their level of social involvement. In order to get a higher score and not being fired, Mae stays at the company at all time and bearly have time to talk with her parents.
  • Her friend Mercer comes to find Mae and tell her that her post about him making the chandler disturbs him.
  • Mae is upset and steal a kayak in the middle of the night and falls into the water. Someone sees this through see-change cameras and calls the police.
  • The leaders of the company talk with Mae after the incidence and convince her that being watched is better. She then starts an experiment that she becomes transparent and broadcast her everyday life.
  • Her participation in the experiment, and every decision she makes begin to affect the lives and future of her friends, family and that of humanity.
  • She proposes a new technology called soul-search. In the presentation, she is forced to search for Mercer and cause his death.
  • Mae starts to against transparency, but after a talk with her friends Annie,(says that the company’s founders have a bunch of private accounts that contains classified files) Maes perspective shifted:  Technology wasn’t bad but rather the people in charge of it. In order for the system to work everyone has to be completely transparent.

Movie Maker Intent:

The movie the circle wanted to show us two possibilities for a our future world through Mae. To do this we only had to suspend our disbelief in one regard, all technology works perfectly as intended. This is so the movie can focus solely on the application of human intentions on a perfect system. One possibility was a vibrant utopia of colors and safety, and a dark dystopia of harsh contrast and black/white imagery. These contrasting palettes highlight the difference in worlds that the circle can create. Either one of high moral regard and pure intentions, which Mae hopes to create at the end of the film, or one of subversion and manipulation by the powerful, which Eamon wishes to dominate. Caught in the crossfire of this battle is Mercer, who is supposed to represent a conservative when it comes to privacy. Mercer imagines that he can separate himself from the two worlds and remain free from intrusion into his private life at the hands of this technological conglomeration. From this battle of wills we see the outcomes possible for our society, and where we can fit in. If we position ourselves as technophobes like Mercer, we are left in the past or succumb to the future. If the technology is concentrated in the hands of the corrupt then it may spell disaster for the individual, as implied Eamon Bailey and Tom Stetton. If the individual is corrupt, then a world without privacy can be their downfall, such as withEamon Bailey and Tom Stetton at the end of the movie. Which leaves only one option for the viewer, to follow in the footsteps of Mae who embraces technological advances with optimism and challenges the corruption of those above her. 

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