Existing technologies presented in the movie:

  • Cell phone for telecommunications.
  • Personal computers.
  • Cloud computing and data storage.
  • Real-time broadcasting.


Movie Timeline:

6:51 True you – a social profile that requires real identity. Like social network with national ID system. — Feasible. Example: Facebook.

9:15 Elevator reads identities and shows pictures of clients. — Feasible. Example: Facebook analyzes faces in a picture and recommends names to tag in the picture. 

14:56 Small wireless cameras, do facial recognition and other analysis at real-time. — Fictional.

36:02 Health intake. Medical bracelet. Inject a chip and collect real-time health data. — Emerging. Dozens of wearable medical devices already on the market [1].

40:00 Children tracking – putting chips into their bone to track their location. — Feasible. Example: Implantable chips for locating purposes are used for pets [2].

59:24 Portable modified see change camera, to make Mae go transparent. — Feasible. Example: People can carry their phone and broadcast everything if they want. The only difference is the size of the device [3].

1:11:02 Everyone who wants to vote is required to have a circle account. — Feasible. Example: Most schools such as WPI require their students to register a school account and use that to register for classes and so on.

1:15:00 Soul Search: find anyone within 20 minutes. — Fictional.

01:35:00 Control and connect every car so it won’t fall off the cliff or hit other cars. — Fictional



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